RELEASED 16TH FEBRUARY 2004 - For Immediate Release

ClubRevolution Re-Establishes
Web Presence.

Hundreds of hours on line 'Surfing' finally Pays Dividends.

16th February 2004 -- 1999 saw ClubRevolution online with a website with subject matter close to the author's heart.  However, time moves on!  Today sees the re-launch of this website which is now packed with information and ideas on computer security and protecting your computer as well as offering software to help people in this.  There is also music software of various types available too. The owner of ClubRevolution, Ian G. Chivers, was based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but has now returned to the UK and lives in Milton Keynes.  "I found Amsterdam a relaxing place to be, but Scotland is more so in a different way", Ian said.  If you want to do something, and then ask someone....if the answer is no initially, then you quickly find out that this 'No' is not cast in stone.  Everything here is negotiable." Ian has spent a good portion of his life working in the City of London in various financial institutions.  Though he would not describe himself as a Banker, Trader, Programmer, or other 'specialist', he has gained an excellent all-round perspective of what and perhaps more importantly, how, a business should be run.  Ian's ambitions for ClubRevolution are high.  He wishes the website to be perceived as the de facto website for reliable software, initially in the computer protection and music arenas, but eventually to cover many subjects and topics.  He has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours online seeking out different sources for these products and has created a website that distills his findings into a concise, no-frills template for buying - some of the software is free - software and sharing his information found in the search.  Following the links on the website, quickly demonstrates the value of his claims.  The links he has there are all proven leading-edge programs that have many successful people as owners.  As with all things, nothing is free!  For visitors to ClubRevolution's website there are also tips on how someone could do exactly as Ian is doing to make money for themselves.  However, to achieve this there is a clear need for them to do one  However, to paraphrase  Ian's copy, 'If you can type and navigate around a computer, then you can do this!'  In conclusion, Ian has put together a simple no-frills website that is quick to load in almost any browser, has unambiguous statements, and all instructions are easy to follow.

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