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This is the Zoom RhythmTrak 123
As an aid for DJ's it is a nice piece of kit...very versatile and if you have a beat counter on your rig, then this will match any track you are playing with ease.





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Some Awesome Music To Listen To
By Morgan Hamilton
People can now find more and more ways to find great to listen to, and the options for how they can listen to that are growing. The Internet is teeming with great music, which is the same stuff that is available in your local store. Before the Internet, you had to purchase your favorite from a store, and quite often, you had to buy the whole album. After a few years, singles were released, but there was no guarantee that you can get the single you are after.

Nowadays, you are able to download to listen to on a variety of different sites. You can choose the exact song you want without purchasing the entire album, but you still have to pay for it. You can choose a random variety of songs and download them to your computer. Then you simply have to burn the songs to a CD or download them into your MP3 player. Modern technology has given us more ways to get great to listen to.

You can also store your right in your computer. If you are craving for some to listen to, you can listen to them through one of the many players on your computer. You can use Windows Media Player, Real Player, or QuickTime. On the recent computer models, you donít even need any kind of media player, you simply pop in the CD and a control panel will pop up.

If you own an older computer model, it is advisable that you listen to when you are not doing anything else on your computer. When you open your media player, and choose your to listen to, everything else on your old computer will drag. This may also cause your to skip and stutter. This normally doesnít occur with newer computers. If your is skipping, or your computer is lagging, it usually means that you are doing too much at once.

Donít forget that the store is still an option when you are choosing to listen to. It can be very easy to get your online, but it can be also fun to buy an album. You may be interested on a single song from an album, but you havenít heard the rest. You may find that there are many songs on that CD that you will also like. There is just something special about the experience of browsing through a store and finding something amazing.
Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning Music To Listen To. Visit our site for more helpful information about Music To Listen To and other similar topics.

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Hello, Ian here, owner of "ClubRevolution"On this page of the website I would like write a few comments about music. Music for the Dance Community as well as music created by people at home...be that a bedroom, living-room, or even, (you should be so lucky), a music-room.

I began my journey in music as a child, but it was 1987 that I became a DJ!!!  I've now hung-up my stylii and sold my van, for the public performances, but I still keep-my-hand-in at home in my music-room - half of my living room!  Elsewhere on this site, I want to create a forum for people to be able to express their views on music...the creation of it, the listening to it...indeed dancing to it!  I feel that a forum like this might be well received.  Anyone, will be more than welcome to contribute to this forum.  As the content, (hopefully), grows I will crystalise different topics and answers into 'threads' and organise them accordingly in their own pop-up windows.  I would like to 'start-the-ball-rolling' with this comment about dance music and styles.  This is my opinion and people are more than welcome to reply with their views.

Comment on 'Dance' music and 'Styles'.

Dance music and Styles can be a subject which raises strong emotions among the late night community.  I have been a DJ for quite a few years now, and my driver on music is to see a dancefloor packed with people who are enjoying themselves and really feeling the music.  I have been to many clubs where people are 'dancing', but look like they are just doing it because they are there.  On the other hand, I've been to clubs where people are jumping up and down, whistling, hooting and making other noises as the 'drops' come in, or another musical element is delivered to them by the DJ.   So what is the difference between these two types of venue ?

Well, it has been said that many DJ's are like parasites as very few of them actually make their own recordings.  I actually disagree with this statement as a good DJ will take music created by others and actually analyse different tracks to 'see' and hear what will go together and then play these two tracks at the same time to create something 'new'.  Alternatively, DJ's who are just starting out, or who are relatively unknown and just play the vinyl they have spent hours looking for in the shops, do not do it for the money, but for their love of the music they play!

But being in a venue is more than just listening to the DJ.  The popularity of a certain club depends in part, on what they play and also the atmosphere in the club.  Sadly, I have been to many clubs where excellent DJ's have been playing, but the surroundings in which they are playing leaves a lot to be desired. Worse still are teh clubs which do not invest in the upkeep of their equipment and everything is distorted!  Purists of a style of dance music will dance anyway, but the experience for them would be so much more enjoyable, I feel, if the owners of venues and DJ's worked hand-in-hand on entertaining their audience more.

Given that I want to see a packed dancefloor, how does one go about this across music styles ?  To answer this, once again I call upon my experience.  Women love drums, and men love bass.  I do not know why this is so, but it's been statistically proven.  Therefore, if a track contains drums and lots of bass and sub-bass, then a DJ is certainly on the way to filling his/her floor.  But it's more than that.  Techno and Trance contain a lot of 'syth' sounds.  While not strictly these styles the synth on the 1996 track Fi-Fi-Fo-Fum by the Candy Girls, featuring Sweet Pussy Pauline(!), [I have a clip coming so you can hear this], is a perfect example of what one of the first synth sounds was like and it had a big impact on audiences.  If a song has a good 'hook line' then it's almost certainly going to be a hit with dancers.  Blank & Jones', 'Nightfly' is a good example here.  But these are songs....what about styles.

If you spend a few minutes in record shops looking at the different genres you will quickly see the same songs appearing over and over again in different styles!  It's all about arrangement and production of a song.  The 1992 Plastic Dreams did practically nothing in the market, but when it was re-mixed, re-packaged and re-released in 1997 it was a massive hit!  In my collection of music, I have the same songs in house, trance, techno, disco and speed-garage styles.  I would be interested to see different people's definitions of all these different styles submitted here on this website as it is so difficult to put these styles 'into words'   I have been into record shops in different countries and asked for directions to a certain style and have been quite surprised on many occasions on their interpretation of 'what-is-what'.

For example, if one asks for 'Deep House', it is widely misconstrued as 'Lounge'.  Trance gets mixed-up with Techno. Speed Garage with Hardhouse....the list goes on an on.

I play many styles, but my favourite without doubt is Deep house and Progressive house.  For my interpretation of these two styles, I would point you to Danny Tenaglia and Yves de Ruyter, for deep house, and Timo Maas, Jimmy van M and Drumscape for progressive house.  Obviously there are many more, but I want to leave room for you to make your recommendations.  Deep house targets the internal organs [smile], and contains a lot of filtering and sub-bass, whereas progressive house has these elements, but explores sounds and 'new' harmonics in putting them together.

In conclusion, I would like to say that with ClubRevolution, I will promote software for you - those who are interested in this aspect of music - and try to provide leading-edge articles that get you thinking.

For those really interested in music, check out the bottom of this page where you will see a music player that you can download free.  There are many things I think you will like about this :)

If you come to ClubRevolution with nothing particular in mind, I hope that before you leave, you will have found something of value to you....be it information, a software product or even something you read that makes you want to reply and see your reply onsite.

If you've read this far....I thank you for allowing me into your head!

Peace and Prosperity.....Ian

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