Animated Screen Information

Animated Screen converts your screen savers to self-running EXE files. The program compresses installation package so it can be easily sent over the Internet.

With Animated Screen you can distribute your own commercial screen savers with a reminder that appears on each unregistered product. When your customers purchase your screen savers, you send them registration name and registration key, to unlock the program. After that the reminder disappears and screen saver runs without any limitations.
With Animated Screen you can create commercial screen savers and sell them to billions of
customers on the Internet.

There are no distribution fees and, as an Animated Screen owner, you can distribute the screen savers that you create in unlimited quantities, royalty-free.

Key Features
  Creates 3D text.
Creates 2D text.
Works with any images and AVI movies.
Image Optimization.
Transition effects.
Size Consultant helps to reduce size of screen saver.
Transparent images.
Filling objects.
Unlimited number of sound tracks.
Wizard to quickly create screen savers from predefined animations.
Compresses screen savers into single self-running EXE file.
Customizable Reminder and Registration dialog boxes.
Built in generator of Registration Names and Registration Keys for customers.